What is Deaerator? Complete Information About Deaerator

At [Your Company Name], we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and detailed information about the deaerator. Our mission is to help you understand the essential aspects of deaerator and how they contribute to efficient and safe boiler operation.

In this article, we will delve deep into the world of deaerator covering everything from their purpose and working principle to their different types and benefits.(You are studying What is Deaerator? Complete Information About Deaerator)

Understanding the Purpose of a Deaerator:-

A deaerator plays a crucial role in the boiler feed water system, ensuring the removal of dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, from the water.

These gases, if left untreated, can cause corrosion and damage to the boiler and other system components, leading to inefficiencies and potential safety hazard.

Working Principle of Deaerator:-

The working principle of a deaerator is ingeniously simple yet effective. The deaerator works by utilizing the principle that gases have lower solubility at higher temperatures.

The feedwater is heated to a specific temperature, typically close to the saturation temperature, which causes the dissolved gases to be released and vented out of the system. After the gases are removed, the deaerated water is then ready for use in the boiler.

Types of Deaerator:-

There are two main types of deaerator commonly used in industrial applications: tray-type deaerator and spray-type deaerator.

1.Tray-Type Deaerator:-

In tray-type deaerator, the feedwater is distributed over a series of trays or plates, providing a large surface area for efficient gas removal. The water cascades over the trays, and steam is passed countercurrently to strip away the dissolved gases. Tray-type deaerator are known for their robust construction and excellent performance in high-pressure applications.

2. Spray-Type Deaerator:-

Spray-type deaerator utilize a set of spray nozzles to disperse the feedwater into small droplets. These droplets are exposed to steam in a mist-like fashion, facilitating the release of dissolved gases. Spray-type deaerator are often favored for their compact design and suitability for low-pressure systems.

Benefits of Deaerator:-

Investing in a deaerator offers several significant benefits for your boiler system and overall operations:

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1. Enhanced Boiler Efficiency:-

By removing dissolved gases, deaerator prevent corrosion in the boiler and other system components, which, in turn, enhances overall boiler efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

2. Prolonged Equipment Lifespan:-

The elimination of corrosive gases leads to a prolonged lifespan for the boiler and associated equipment, ensuring long-term reliability and reduced downtime.

3. Improved Steam Quality:-

Deaerated water ensures the production of high-quality steam, reducing the chances of impurities and maximizing system performance.

4. Energy Savings:-

With an efficiently operating boiler system, energy consumption is optimized, resulting in substantial energy savings for your facility.

Maintenance and Best Practices:-

To ensure the continued efficiency and longevity of your deaerator, it is essential to adhere to regular maintenance practices. Routine inspections, cleaning, and monitoring of the deaerator’s performance are vital to identify and address any potential issues promptly.


In conclusion, a deaerator is a crucial component of a boiler feedwater system that effectively removes dissolved gases to enhance boiler efficiency and system performance. Understanding the working principle, types, and benefits of deaerator empowers you to make informed decisions for your industrial applications.

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